26" very light, soft pure silk discs in summery colours. Stitched onto silk cord. Fastened with fabric button and loop.  Made in Cambodia

#44 a (left) and b (right) $25 each.

20" necklace with light amber and brown beads on a brass chain. Hand crafted in India.

#28    $10

More Jewelry

16" cream bone necklace with screw clasp. Made in Botswana.

#1  $5

Check out the jewelry as well at Grandmothers Partnering with Africa. https://grandmotherspartneringwithafrica.com/

20" necklace with a variety of earth-coloured beads.

#143    $10

Lightweight 22" necklace with small green bone droplets, green and gold beads on a delicate chain.  Made in India.
#89  $15

Hand hammered brass hoop with yellow glass beads. This necklace is a very long 36". Handmade in Kenya.

#101    $10

Two bracelets with tiny, multi-coloured beads. They look small but roll on over your hand. Very comfortable on your wrist.

##131   $5 each

64" paper bead necklace from Uganda. Can be worn long or looped 2 or 3 times.

#140    $5

20" autumn-coloured necklace with a variety of beads and thin discs. Strong clasp. Made in Kenya.

#14  $15